About our Classes

About Our Classes

The classes are held in the 4-H building at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton. (see Directions/Location for more information). The classes are 45 minutes long. Please complete and sign the application form and return it with your check for the correct amount made payable to Glenbard All Breed Obedience Club or “GABOC”.Your place in class will NOT be reserved until we receive your application with payment. If your application is not returned in time, we will enroll another trainee to fill your spot. Cancellations must be made at least 10 days prior to the start of class or fee is non-refundable. All rescheduling must have prior approval through the class registrar. Registrar’s phone number 630-293-7870.

On the night of class, bring the following:

  1. Your dog.
  2. Your enclosed health certificate signed by your veterinarian.
  3. For beginner class: a slip chain collar.
  4. For puppy class: a buckle collar.
  5. A four foot leather leash (fabric leashes are not recommended – NO chain leashes allowed).
  6. Wear sneakers or other type of non-slip, comfortable shoes.
  7. Pockets for treats (rewards) or a “bait bag”.
  8. Small pieces of soft food treats (hot dogs, cheese, snausages, jerkey treats, etc.).
  9. Plastic bags for picking up after your dog outside.

Please observe these few important rules:

  1. Do not feed your dog before class.
  2. Please exercise (potty) your dog BEFORE you get to the fairgrounds.
  3. You must clean up after your dog inside and outside of the building.
  4. Do not bring a female ‘in season’ or ‘in whelp’ to class.
  5. Children must be under close supervision and should be instructed to ask first before petting dogs.
  6. No dog is allowed on premises without a current and complete health certificate.
  7. No one under the age of 14 may handle / train the dog in class.

Click here for Obedience Class Application form.
Click here for Certificate of Health form.

For schedule and registration information contact Sheila Gardner (Registrar) at 630-293-7870 or email her at thepetsetter@sbcglobal.net