Ironbridge, Colorado

The building of a golf course encompasses many operations.

Wilderness at Fortune Bay, Minnesota

We are the first to assert that the only way to create and build a golf course worthy of the top names in the profession is through painstaking planning and meticulous attention to detail.

Indian Wells Golf Resort, California

Wadsworth has the resources, equipment, people, experience, knowledge and sense of timeliness to undertake the most challenging projects and bring them to life.

Indian Wells Golf Resort, California

The challenge of water is absolute. Its presence enhances the beauty and maintains the health of the course, while also posing as its single most serious threat.

Tetherow Golf Club- Oregon

Skillful coordination and cost effective results. For our customers, these are the first returns on a profitable investment.

Bayside Resort- Deleware

 The ultimate end of the construction of a fine facility is the harmonious blend of aesthetic challenge and aesthetic pleasure.

Wadsworth Golf Construction Company